Precistron is committed to high quality production 1-220I116063bV.jpgof precision metal and plastic components. Our profound expertise in precision CNC machining and precision stamping has enabled us to supply mechanic components that serve on many demanding applications, like semiconductor, medical, energy industry, automotive, telecommunication and also in our daily life application.

We are based in one of the most advanced and industrialized area of the world --- Pearl delta region of China. Since 2003, with two facilities that got ISO9001 certified, we have been servicing diverse range of customers including Fortune 500 companies and also firms that featured by "high-mix & medium/low volume" and harsh quality requirement. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for high quality and reliability, adhering to stringent tolerances and cosmetic standards, whether the task is to provide quick turn prototypes or large multi-year contract production runs.

Our main field as below (precision up to 0.001/ 0.002mm):
* Precision Machining.

* Precision Stamping.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding customer expectation on every project, we accomplish these objectives within a culture of strong collegial support, mutual respect and uncompromising standards. We have been fortunate to count some of the brightest minds in manufacturing engineering among our ranks over the past years, and we continue to welcome brilliant new talent onto our team.

High Quality

Our team strive to make no defects, accept no defects.

Short Lead Times

Multiple manufacturing solution, along with lean processes and cell production enable us to meet the tightest lead time request.

Competitive Pricing

Apply lean manufacturing for cost reductions. Can work with clients for DFX solutions.

On-Time Delivery

We strive to keep 98%+ on-time delivery, and keep tracking the exact status of parts in our facility.

ISO9001:2015 Certified.

Processes adhere to ISO quality standards.

Flexible Order Quantity

Be it 1 or 100000 pcs, we will process any part that fits our capabilities.